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Mike was born in New York and moved to  Florida at an early age. As a young boy growing up in Florida he was invited by a neighbor to attend an AWANA meeting being held at a Baptist Church where he heard a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. After learning of his sinful condition he trusted Christ as his personal Savior and was baptized at Emanuel Baptist Church in Fort Myers, Florida when he was about 10 years of age.
Soon afterwards his family moved back to New York  and away from the church where he first heard the gospel. During these years Mike never stopped believing in and trusting Jesus Christ for salvation but like many young Christians who lack proper training he failed to separate himself from the world and it's sinful ways. Mike eventually married and he and his wife Cathy were blessed with their first little girl in 1999.

On September 11, 2001 after the terrorist attacks that took down the the World Trade Towers, Mike realized his need to be close to the Lord and turned to God in prayer seeking to confirm his salvation and committing to change his life by serving God. Through the working of the Lord Mike was able to contact the man who drove the church bus in Florida so many years ago. The man was David L. Weiss, who remembered picking him up as a small boy and instructed him to find a "good bible believing baptist church" which he did right away. After attending services in Seldon, New York, Mike's wife Cathy trusted Jesus as her Savior and Lord and was saved by the grace of God.

In 2004 the young family moved to Tennessee with their two daughters.  Shortly after Mike surrendered to preach the Gospel and attended a small local bible college and became active in church service. Since then he has served in local Baptist churches as a youth minister, Sunday school teacher, service director, bus driver and Master Club director. As of 2011 Mike and his wife Cathy have been blessed with four beautiful girls and are home schooling parents who enjoy training up their children in the footsteps of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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